Decorate a Brick Fireplace Mantel

Mar 23rd
White Brick Fireplace Mantel
White Brick Fireplace Mantel

Brick fireplace mantel – Even if your fireplace is not the literal heart of your home, commands more attention than any other subject in space. Knowing this, you can decorate the mantel seem like a daunting task, and a brick mantel is even more challenging because of the many colors and busy mortar lines included in the design. Using a monochromatic color scheme for your mantel screen can help unite design and add the perfect attention worthy touch to your room.

Clean the fireplace before you begin to decorate the mantel. Wash bricks and repair or replace an unattractive or non-functional fire monitor. Sweep the fire and neaten any fireplace tools. Decorate your mantel will bring more attention to the general area. Gather the items you want to display on your brick fireplace mantel. Remember the importance of scale. A few large items make a more impressive design than several small ones. Consider the height of the fireplace when designing to scale. A high Mantel leaving less of the wall space and requires less decorative elements to fill it with respect to a large wall area, and maps the mantel.

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Decorate a brick fireplace mantel; Check your favorite items from the color of the brick. Experiment with symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, eclectic and singular designs. For example, place a mirror at the center of the mantel, and a candle stick at each end to a symmetrical appearance.  Hammer picture hangers and other hardware into the wall when you have decided on a design. Hang garlands and other seasonal decorations directly from your brick mantel – without drilling holes in masonry – using self-adhesive hook and loop tabs or removable adhesive hooks.

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