Chic and Modern Vented Gas Fireplace

Apr 13th
Vented Gas Fireplace System
Vented Gas Fireplace System

Vented gas fireplace – vent gas fireplaces provide more style options than wood burning fireplaces. You can go to a traditional fireplace with gas logs that look as close to real thing, that all that is missing is smell of wood burning. Or you can go ultra chic and modern and install a vent gas fireplace at eye level, like a work of art. There is even ventilated fireplace inserts that you can use to convert and modernize an old non-working wood fireplace by switching it over to gas.

Vented gas fireplace uses air from outside to produce combustion. Direct vent fireplaces have a double-walled vent pipe. Outdoor air circulating through outer tube, which typically is 7 inches in diameter. tube is usually 4 inches in diameter, same size as B vent pipe. But dual tube configuration makes direct vent gas fireplaces more efficient than B-vent gas fireplaces by venting room. Direct vent pipes are also considered safer than B- vent pipes because they circulate fresh air from outside and not completely rely on indoor air to produce combustion.

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Vented gas fireplace that does not require attachment to a chimney, you can choose from some of more modern gas fireplace designs. Consider a see-through gas fireplace installed between adjacent spaces, such as a kitchen and a family room or a peninsula that is visible from three sides inside a bedroom and bathroom.

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