Repaint Red Brick Fireplace

Sep 12th
Vintage Red Brick Fireplace
Vintage Red Brick Fireplace

Red brick fireplace – Paint the fireplace updating the rooms and allows you to match the color of your interior. Keep a clean piece of cloth under running water for pulling it and turning it to remove excess water. Wipe the surfaces of the red brick fireplace with a cloth to clean it, remove cobwebs, soot and debris. Pour the oil-based paint primer into a paint tray. Slip on a diaper roller cover over the roller. Dip the roller in the paint primer and roll it back and forth along the angled surface to remove excess color.

Run the roller over the red brick fireplace to apply paint primer. The primer prevents soot stains from bleeding through the paint. As you paint, the diaper roller cover to catch pieces of brick; picking out the larger pieces and throw them to prevent them from leaving marks on the surface. Let the paint primer dry. Mix about four parts oil-based paint and one part white spirit in a clean paint tray. Thinned paint can penetrate brick surface better. Slip on a clean diaper roll on the roller, dip it in paint and roll it over the surface of the brick fireplace. Let dry and apply one or two coats to get the color you want.

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