Build Mid Century Modern King Bed Headboard

Aug 10th
Top Mid Century Modern King Bed
Top Mid Century Modern King Bed

Build Mid Century Modern King Bed Headboard – Reusing an old door you can find a salvage yard is an easy way to add elegance to your bedroom decor and save natural resources. The dimensions of a standard king-size bed are 76 by 80 inches. Most modern doors are 80 inches tall, but older doors come in different sizes. Choose a door with symmetrical patterns those four equal blocks, or a large center decoration. Because the door is going to be a headboard, find one that is not too heavy or too thick.

Instructions build mid century modern king bed headboard. Transfer the hardware outside the door and paint the door to match the decor of your bedroom. For a natural look, use a chemical paint stripper to remove old paint and then spots the door. Follow the links below for instructions on stripping and staining. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the top of your bed. Roll the stud finder across the wall until it beeps or lights, depending on the type of stud finder to use. Mark the studs with a pencil. Pull the bed away from the wall and set the door on its edge between the wall and the bed. Line up the door with studs and mark the door where it will add to the studs.

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Next steps build mid century modern king bed headboard, remove the cover and slide the bed in place. Make a mark on the wall where you want the bottom of the headboard to be. Use a level to make sure that you have made a straight line. Drill three pilot holes, evenly spaced, in the joists where you attach the headboard and in the end where it will be attached to the studs. Pilot holes are shallow holes that will help guide screws in place. Prop end cap in place or have someone hold it for you. Drill a drywall screw through the headboard and into the pilot hole into the stud behind it. Use your level to check that the headboard is straight. End fastens the door in the wall. Use wood putty to cover screw heads. Apply a small amount and smooth it over the head of the screw with your finger. When it is dry, sand it lightly.

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