Ideas For Hanging Mermaid Tapestry

Nov 2nd
Vintage Mermaid Tapestry
Vintage Mermaid Tapestry

Ideas For Hanging Mermaid Tapestry – A tapestry gives you a richly textured departure from the usual wall-hung art, and has the added advantage of suppression “bright” sound in a bare room. All but the lightest of the woven listings requires careful pendant, to protect the fabric from damage and make sure it is securely in place. Choose the most suitable method for installing your fabric based on its size, fragility, weight and the wall.

Hanging mermaid tapestry with a rod pocket requires a strong enough rod that will not bend under the weight of the fabric, and you need a carpenter’s level and a stud finder. Determine where the art will hang on the wall, which aims to locate the center of the fabric of approximate adult eye level. Finding the studs in the wall and mark the spots lightly with a pencil. Actions to get the mount position also; stretch a board between the marks and check it with a carpenter’s level to be sure that your fabric will hang straight. After installing the brackets, slide bar in the wallpaper socket, and then attach the finials and set the rod in the brackets.

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You can hang a mermaid tapestry on the wall without sewing through it or add a sleeve for a curtain rod. Archival quality compression clip screw to the top border of the fabric and has indentations in the back for hanging on nails hammered into the wall. The trick is to adjust the nails perfect and space the clips so there is no sag in the wallpaper. Compression clips in high quality sealed or painted hardwood – decorative as they remain visible on top of the wallpaper.

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