How to Install Fireplace Gas Inserts for Gas Pipeline

Sep 8th
Unique Fireplace Gas Inserts
Unique Fireplace Gas Inserts

Fireplace gas inserts – To connect a gas fireplace insert one gas line, you must first install the gas fireplace insert in the wall or fireplace enclosure. When the gas fireplace insert is installed, you can then begin the process of connecting the gas supply line to the fireplace insert. You can hire a plumber to connect gas line, or you can do the work yourself and save money

end brass fitting on the gas valve connection on the gas fireplace insert. Apply “pipe dope” or plumbers putty that the threads and tighten the valve. Tighten the fitting with the wrench.  Run a pipeline into the fireplace. The gas pipeline can come in off the underside of the floor or from one side of the fireplace, depending on the location of the pipeline.

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Find a place where the pipeline will enter the fireplace, then drill a hole using the drill.  Pull out the gas pipeline through hole the location of the gas valve assembly you installed.  Connect a straight adapter onto the end of the pipeline. Place the nut socket of the gas line first and then insert the flat plug. Slide nut connector down over the flat connector to complete the connection.  Set nut connector for mounting on the heater and tighten it with a wrench. 7th Turn fireplace gas inserts to make sure it works properly.

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