Hanging Rug Dope Tapestries

Dec 12th
Top Dope Tapestries
Top Dope Tapestries

Dope tapestries – Rug tapestries are often valuable investment and should be hung with care to preserve its beauty and value. The key to hang a tapestry rug properly making it completely flat, as if it is on the floor. This will not only give their best wallpaper visual display, but it will prevent any damage from sagging. The best technique for hanging a rug tapestry depends on its weight and the desired location. Frame it behind glass or show it naked with invisible support.

Framed hanging, hang a small, light carpet dope tapestries as a picture in a frame with glass. Sandwich it between two sheets of glass, or place it on a board surface and cover it with a sheet of glass. If you use a board basis, choose a complementary colored paper behind the wallpaper. If you use sandwiched glass, attach the picture frame hooks behind the top of the frame. Insert nails at a small angle in the wall at the desired location to hang the fabric.

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The tab hanging, Cut a strip of medium weight fabric 3 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the top of the fabric. Cut several strips of fabric tabs. Pens sides of the flaps and sew them to the top edge of the long textile bands periodically. The heavier the carpet, the more tabs it will require. Hand-sew the long fabric strips to the top back of the tapestry rug, leaving room for a wooden stick. Insert the plug in the pocket. Hang dope tapestries rug on a curtain rod to the desired location.

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