How To Build A Tapestry Loom

Dec 16th
Tapestry Loom Weaving Instruction It is designed for weaving miniature Navajo tapestries or rugs Tapestry Loom How To Build A Tapestry Loom

How To Build A Tapestry Loom – Twinning a tapestry or a tapestry loom is used to make tapestry from rags. There is no set format for the frame. The size is determined by the individual and the position of the tapestry. Smooth 1 are used, with 2 inch wood and galvanized steel nails in order to make the frame. A single long strip of fabric back and forth arranged around the finish nails wound on two opposite ends of the frame tapestry.

Short pieces of fabric are woven perpendicular to the single strip of fabric to create rag tapestry loom. Determine the size of the tapestry under twinning, for example a tapestry of medium 30 by 48 centimeters. Measure, mark and cut two 1-by-2-inch boards 49 3/4-centimeter long and two table 33 1/2-inches long. Measure across the middle of the length 33 1/2 inch boards, place the first sign 1 3/4-inch from the short side. Mark every 1/2 inch through the center of the table. Stop 1 3/4-inch from the side of the board.

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Place a 3-inch galvanized finish nail at the first mark to build a tapestry loom. Drive the nail into the wood 5/8 inch. Repeat the process with each character on the two 33 1/2-inch boards. Lay the boards on the floor and make a rectangle 49 3/4-inch long by 33 1/2 inches wide. Place the 33 1/2-inch boards on top of the end of the 49 3/4 inch sheets create a rectangle. Align the edges so that they are flush. Hammer to keep two nails in each corner of the frame together. The frame is now ready for use.

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