Kids Tractor Bed Ideas

Dec 19th
Kids Tractor Bed Blue Image
Kids Tractor Bed Blue Image

Kids tractor bed – If your child has moved to a “big boy” bed, you will need to equip the bed with a new toy. To put a bedside on a child bed, you have to shop high and low for one that fits the room and the bed decor, or you can build your own twin bedside bed. Make your own kids tractor bed can act as a task best decided by a furniture store, but you can definitely make yourself.


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Measure the width and height of the kids tractor bed. These will form the main body and the legs. In addition, enough yards buy fabric that suits you to cover the bed sheet. Apply protective goggles. Ground and cut plywood and chipboard with a circular saw to match the width and height of your kids tractor bed.

Cut 1-of-4-inch timber beams to match the overall height of the bed and bedside; these legs will vary between 42 to 48 inches long. Sand plywood or particleboard and legs until smooth with sandpaper. Wrap the headgear and legs in fabric and adhere the fabric to the bed sheet and legs. Place the screw heads and staples on the back of the gable, which will be hidden by the wall facing it.

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Pull kids tractor bed away from the wall to expose the head. Measure the bed to find where the retaining bolt holes already drilled in the frame. Align the newly drilled holes in the custom headboard with the existing holes in the bed frame. Put the wagon bumps in the holes and tighten with a wrench.

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