The Best Way to Keep a Pretty Tapestry

Jan 5th
Cool Pretty Tapestry
Cool Pretty Tapestry

Pretty tapestry, both ancient and modern, is a beautiful addition to any home. They are quite heavy and require some care to keep safely and without damaging the fabric. Many tapestries are sold ready to hang, but if yours is not, you can easily prepare it for hanging or choose to have a professional tapestry service do the job. Choose the right method for your web, based on its size and weight as well as your walls.

The best way to hang the fabric is a rod pocket and woven or curtain rod. To add a rod pocket, must be lined with fabric robust feed, then pocket sewn in place. Choose a rod and brackets that will keep your fabric 1 to 2 inches from the wall to allow air circulation. Wooden rod by rod pocket, add finials and hang. If you prefer your pretty tapestry to hang quite flat, you may be able to thread a dowel rod through the bottom of the wallpaper, holding it in place with a few small stitches.

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If you hang a pretty tapestry on a curved wall surface, you might want to use Velcro. Install a hooked piece of Velcro on a piece of baseboard molding and mount on your wall. Sew a looped piece of heavy duty Velcro on the lining of cloth and secure in place on the wall. This method does not allow for air circulation, but it can be used when you do not have enough space for an alternative wall bracket.

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