Build Mid Century Modern Bookcase

Jan 15th
Popular Mid Century Modern Bookcase
Popular Mid Century Modern Bookcase

Mid century modern bookcase – Starting with measure and mark width-wise lines over your plywood to divide it into eight rectangles, each 1-by-4 feet in size. Cut plywood on drawn lines to make eight pieces. Measure and make a tic mark down a long page forum at 1-foot intervals for a total of three tic marks per table. Then, obtain a 4-foot long along the line down each table 6 inches in from the long sides. Draw perpendicular from the center line of each tic mark on the sides of the boards. So there are a total of four lines of each table including midline.

Cutting a 1-inch wide notch in each table direction transverse working from one side to the midline. Do not cross over the midline. Each table should have three 1 x 6 inch notches along one half of the table when you’re done with the other half remaining solid. Sand over all eight boards. Next steps to build mid century modern bookcase, stand somewhere four of the board parallel to a long side with cut notches facing up. Space the boards 1 foot apart and have someone hold them.

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Turn the fifth board so that the notches face down. Barring incisions in this forum notches lowest of four parallel boards. Place an elbow bracket along the underside of perpendicular and at a parallel boards. Fixing bracket with screws. Place three other brackets where the board intersects with other three parallel forums. Last, place and secure each of the three remaining plywood boards to Interlocking notches other open parallel boards. Secure with brackets. Stand unit upright of mid century modern bookcase in the end.

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