Troubleshoot of Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

Feb 10th
Unique Napoleon Electric Fireplaces
Unique Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

Napoleon electric fireplace – Napoleon electric fireplaces must be installed and serviced by a qualified technician. They are made ​​for normal wear and tear, but sometimes things can go wrong. Before contacting a electric fireplace repairer of an expensive visit, there are a few basic steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. If the fireplace keeps stopping after relighting, or you smell electric at any time, call your electric supplier immediately

Inspect propane tank to ensure that there is an adequate supply of electric. If the pilot light remains lit but the main burner goes out, turn up the lamp so the flame is higher.  Turn on all other napoleon electric fireplace appliances to check if the pilot light flutter of going out. It could be that the electric line to the furnace is undersized.

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Turn the wall switch or thermostat to “high” position. If after a few seconds the fire does not ignite, the thermostat can be defective and it may need to be replaced. Check that the wire to the push-button ignition switch is connected.  Make sure to log in the napoleon electric fireplace is correctly positioned, if the exhaust electrices into space. Compare air- shutter opening of fluff, if you notice a carbon deposit of logs.  Open a window or door if the main burner and pilot light both go out. There may be an insufficient air supply to the room. Checking for possible blockage in the main burner aperture if the pilot is burning, but there is no electric to the main burner and the wall of the thermostat is turned on.

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