Install Over an Electric Fireplace Mantels

Apr 15th
Top Electric Fireplace Mantels
Top Electric Fireplace Mantels

Electric Fireplace Mantels – First, pick cap according to manufacturer’s instructions. Second, place jacket on the wall where it will be hung. Check the top of the cap with a plan. Draw on the top and sides of the mantel with a pencil. Third, place the envelope face down.

Check the mounting mechanism on the back of the mantel. Most will have mounting cleats along the back. Attaching cleats are depressions along the back of the mantel. A small piece of timber is attached to the wall and the clamp is suitable timber. For mantels without a cleat, use a router to carefully remove some wood to create a 1-by -8 indentations on the back of the mantel.

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Measure the length, width and depth of the indentation electric fireplace mantelswith a tape measure. Cut a piece of wood with a handsaw to match the size of the indentation. Fifth, measure the back of the cap from the top down to the top of the indentation. Measure the back of the envelope from either side of the casing for insertion. Mark the wall with a pencil where the mounting clamp will be installed.

Mark the wall along the line where the growing cleat will be installed. Use a stud finder to locate studs. Seventh, hold the mounting clamp on the wall, so it is lined up with the pencil marks. Driving a screw through scrap timber with a drill. Tighten the screws in the wall. Last, place cloak over the increasing cleats. Hammer finish nails through the top of the mantel and into the mounting clamp. Fill the nail holes with wood putty. The electric fireplace mantels were done.

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