How to Make a Hairy Red Carpet Runner

May 6th
Tips Red Carpet Runner
Tips Red Carpet Runner

The furry red carpet runner is very easy to make. His long strips sit very well underfoot . An all white adds a touch of spa to your bathroom. A colorful carpet made of nightgowns or mixed memories encourages a room or shines next to the door.

Instructions make your hairy red carpet runner

1) Determine the size of carpet you want. Cut the scrim of the correct size. The scrim is available in fabric and craft stores. 2) Cut the T-shirts into 1-by-4-inch strips using a pair of scissors or a rotating shear and a mat. Cut the T-shirt along, just below the arms. Then cut the body into 1 inch wide (2.5 cm) tubes. Cut the tubes into pieces 4 inches long (10 cm). Some pieces of the top and the sleeves can be cut. The number of pieces you will need is determined by the size of the carpet you are making and how thick you want it to be. 3) Starting at one end of the scrim, tie the strips together to form fringes. Fold one strip in two and hold the ends together in one hand. With the other hand, slide the folded side through a square hole and pull it out for another. Pass the ends of the strip through the loop and pull to adjust. This is called swallow knot. 4) You can tie a knot in each hole, or a yes, a no, or a checkerboard, depending on how tight you want your red carpet runner.

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