Refacing Brick Fireplace with Stone Cladding

May 23rd
Refacing Brick Fireplace with Glass Tile
Refacing Brick Fireplace with Glass Tile

Refacing Brick Fireplace – Give a brick fireplace faced a new look in some simple steps. The thin layer adhesive mortar is now ready for use. Once mixed, glue remains in a viable state for up to eight hours. When it begins to dry, do not use it, and do not add water – only weaken mortar bonds.

Place the stone hearth into two 2×4 is easier to get into the spot when you are good to refacing brick fireplace and apply the glue. The stone hearth is the largest and heaviest stone, which makes it easy to break. Handle with care. Make sure the stone is level front to back and side to side. Place the 2×4 support against the leg, and the use of a concrete block to shore up support. Repeat this step for the second leg.

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Place a level on top of the two legs to ensure they are equal in height. This will determine if the header stone extending between them is the level. Check that the header is plumb and level, and pasting using two 2×4. Use wet rags to clean any mortar or face edges of the stone sections, tools and around before it dries hard. Allow the stone to sit for 12-24 hours before removing the keys. And it will gives you a new look after refacing brick fireplace.

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