The Disadvantages of Carpet Tiles

May 27th
Stylish Carpet Tiles
Stylish Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are pre-cut squares of carpet that is either 18 inches by 18 inches or 36 inches by 36 inches. They can be placed next to each other in order to create a defined pattern on a floor. While carpet tiles has certain advantages over wall-to-wall carpeting, such as being cheaper and easier to install, there are some disadvantages to be considered before planning a project with these tiles. Because carpet tiles installed individually, there is a chance that the seams will be visible, or that they will be uneven. This makes carpet tiles look out of place because they are uneven. It is possible that the tiles do not fit into the space as a result of the tiles is not brought right up against each other.

Carpet tiles are not as durable as wall-to-wall carpet. The carpet pile of tiles is not as thick or as durable as traditional carpets. This means that the pile will wear down faster. Often, tiles that are stepped on will have to be replaced much faster than tiles that are not in high traffic areas. The carpet tiles may start coming up on the edges. This may constitute a danger because people can travel curled up edges.

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Carpet tiles are not suitable for use in areas that are damp or prone to mildew. This limits the locations suitable for the tiles. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements all areas, carpet tiles are not suitable for. The tiles should be placed in a clean, level floor for them to be properly so that uneven floors or floors that are not flat are not ideal.

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