Choosing Industrial Carpet Tiles

Jul 6th
Industrial Carpet Tiles Contemporary Color
Industrial Carpet Tiles Contemporary Color

Industrial carpet tiles – The challenge when you install two pieces of carpet that borders are hiding the seam while preventing the edges of the carpet from lifting. Double-sided tape is sometimes used to hold together the edges of the industrial carpet tiles, but the strength of the band over time causes a concern. Alternatively, the hot-glue binding strip extremely durable and easy to install. Although a carpet iron is necessary to heat the glue, you can find a rental on your home improvement center.


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Measure the length of the carpet seam with a tape measure. Cut a length of hot-glue binding strips with scissors to match the length of the seam. Fold the edges of the two adjoining carpet pieces apart and remove the old belt, if applicable. For tape strip under the carpet seam with the adhesive side up. Place the tape so that the edges of the mat lie along the middle of the band.

Connect the carpet iron to a power outlet and let it warm up. Pull back the edges of the carpet and lay-iron directly on the tape. Wait about 30 seconds for the iron to heat up the adhesive and then slide the iron is approximately 12 inches along the belt to heat the next section of tape.

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Press the edges of the industrial carpet tiles in the band while you wait for the next section of tape to heat. Repeat this process for the entire length of the seam. Place one or more commissions over the seam throughout the length and weight of the boards with bricks in about 30 minutes.

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